Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

WOW - Words of Wisdom (just kidding, i'm being cheesy on purpose)

But seriously,

I'm reading a book lent to me by a girl on Site, called The Greatness Guide. A series of one or two page blurbs on the authors musings. (Robin Sharma)

A line from one encouraging innovation in all parts of life says "not every risk you take and not everything you will try will work out as planned. Thats just life happening. Failure truly is essential to success. And the more you stretch, the more you reach .... Success and failure go hand in hand. They are business partners".

I need this reminder when I'm feeling bummed about how many risks I've taken and how many of them have failed. And how the risk of moving to Alberta was just the door to the myriad of risks I was going to have to take to merely survive, let alone thrive.

I have to remember that my deep, nearly bottomless, disappointment in where my life is right now, is life happening. I'm not a failure. Its just literally life happening.

In this risk I call Alberta and the sometimes ridiculous perdiciments I find myself in, I've accumulated such amazing stories, experiences, friends, not friends, soul sisters, the list goes on. I also need this reminder that in all of this, I'm (brace yourselves, heres that dreaded word) blessed beyond measure in the good that has come out of all this.

In the process of "life happening", I've learned to not be ashamed of who I am. I've learned to not absorb peoples unintentional (or intentional) jabs at my lifestyle. I've learned to stand up for myself and while not backing down; inwardly terrified of the outcome. I've learned to embrace this instability and the life skills that come along with it, and through the rubble, I feel empowered and strong and oddly satisified with my risks.

Okay, I'm done.

But another thing he says is "so just go to work everyday and refuse to do the same thing you did yesterday - just because its was what you did yesterday... shake things up"

Errr .... hard to do when you're a spreadsheet data entry girl. Pretty hard to 'shake' that up. I suppose I could click on the copy button on the top left corner insteady of right clicking on the cell, but other than that .... I'm kinda stuck ...

Buuuut .... I am not ashamed of what I do for work, its ... you guessed it ... life happening and it simply motivates me to get the h-e-double hockey sticks outta there.

Buuut... then I'd miss the amazing friends I've made.

See, its a constant dilemma - time to get innovative about it, I guess. That'd mean moving to Edmonton to be close to them on days off, and that ain't happening, I couldn't leave my Calgary girls. Then I'd have to become an Oilers fan and well.... I'm not thaaat innovative.


This Made Me LOL - Literally Laughing Out Loud

maybe i've had a more stressful day than i realize, but i howled laughing at these pictures -  the (obviousy facitious) comments, i think, made the pictures funnier.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wash Your Hair Tomorrow

thats what my boss yelled out the window as he drove by me at the end of the day.

this would be a follow up to this mornings "(insert choice swear word here) leanne, did you even brush your hair this morning?"

my reply: "nope".

pls note: hair was curly, on its third day and literally looked like i just rolled out of bed. (which, quite frankly, i had a mere 35 minutes ago) my face was fine, had lots of make up as per usual, my clothes were normal. but my hair. oh my hair. it was terrible.

beautiful thing is i don't really care but to spare everyone around the true level of despair and dismay of my rats nest, i pulled it back into a bun on top of my head and it still looked rats nest-y but not as horrendous as earlier.

bossman made his late-in-the-day comment as a joke.

i think.

he was smiiling when he said it.

i tend to find bosses that make comments about my hair.

i wonder why that is. i find it part funny and part turbo annoying.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ain't That The Truth!?

haha. so true. i'd be little miss sunshine all the time if i wasn't surrounded by morons.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who Needs Toenails Anyway?!

Just registered for the Victoria Half Marathon Oct 7th!

I needed a boost to get my butt in gear again and a friend texted me to see if I was 'still in' for the Race in Victoria

Thats all I had to hear.

Turbo training since its in less than 6 weeks.

I'm already getting the same blisters as before; in all the very same spots and somehow the familiarity is comforting.

It'll be kind of cool to do a half on each coast of Canada.

Besides, that toenail is annoying me there in all its completeness and struggly little attempts to grow back to its full potential... :-).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

you know what really perplexes me?

how my mother,

a domestic goddess

exceptional seamstress - made my clothes as a child, and you'd never have known the difference. smocked dresses for my baby sisters that stopped people with inquiries on the method and threads used.

phenomenal cook  - we, regardless of finanical upturn / downturn, ate like royalty. no hamburger helper in our house (well, sometimes and it was a glorious treat). she'd dress a salmon like it was going to medal in the food olympics. and she made a  simple salad into an event, we'd stare in wonder as she magically turned lettuce and cukes and cherry tomatoes into something of a magazine worthy photo shoot. i don't know what she did when she made a tuna sandwich, but i've yet to find one of its equal.

cross-stitcher extrodinaire - remember that crafty little craft? she was quite adept at the complicated little designs and perfecting all those pesky stitches. she taught me how (once), so i made a strawberry. it was proudly displayed on the wall in my parents ensuite. (read: at the furtherest corner of the house lol)

the list goes on

my point is:

all these genes - why is it that i can't even successfully flip a pancake or omelette??

i no unnastannn .....